This is a collection of Orthodox chirch choral works of composer S.B.Tolstokulakov

Compozition Index Size
Today Virgin; The Christmas Kontakion, harmonization of Third Tone Bulgarian chant kondak 634
O, my soul my soul 300
Many years many years 360
Theotokos and Virgin, rejoises Virgin 270
O Joyous Light; the evening hymn Calm Light 507
To armed warlordess Warlordess 330
Praise a name of God (solo - baritone) praise (solo) 1460
Small Glorification glory 720
Today a salvation for world today 315
Selected Himns of the Vigil
Theotokos and Virgin, rejoises Virgin1 348
Theotokos and Virgin, rejoises Virgin3 278
Praise a name of God praise 724


The only begotten Son Only Son 690
In Thy Kingdom; the Beatitudes Kingdom 940
O come, let us worship entrance 178
Holy God; Trisagion Trisagion 524
Litany of Fervent Supplication fervent 388
Funeral Litany funeral 359
A mercy of peace; the Anafora, free rearrange of melody of Znamenny chant mercy 1000
Great Litany(-dur) Great Litany 345
O, Lord, keep Keep 345
Cherubic Hymn Herubic hymn 1390
In eternal memory; Communion hymn memory 290
Blessed be the name of the Lord Be name 450

All these music (190 kb) in the archive and good musical editor (1100 kb), in which they are created.

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